As a nonprofit magazine, Faith & Form seeks the support of advertisers to sustain only the costs of publication. The magazine reaches a broad spectrum of building committees, church administrators, clergy, artisans, architects, liturgical design consultants, artists and lay persons concerned with the design and furnishing of houses of worship. Faith & Form answers a pressing need and provides an extraordinary opportunity for those in related industries to reach this select audience.

For information on advertising, reach out to Townley McElhiney at 703-409-3635 or—or use our contact form

Ad Copy Deadlines

2019 Volume 52
Issue 1: January 15, 2019
Issue 2: April 15, 2019
Issue 3: July 15, 2019
Issue 4: October 15,2019

General Advertising Rates

To order your ad in Faith & Form, complete the 2019 Advertising Order Form and return it via USPS.

B/W Rates1 Time2 Times3 Times4 Times
Full Page$1150$1050$975$925
2/3 page915855800760
1/2 page720675640615
1/3 page580550525505
1/4 page410385365350
Rear Cover1,3001,2001,1251,075
Reply Cards410385365350

Color Rates1 Time2 Times3 Times4 Times
Full Page$1725$1625$1550$1500
2/3 page1525142513501300
1/2 page1325122511501100
1/3 page11251025950900
1/4 page925825750700
Rear Cover 2025192518501800

Ad Specifications

Magazine trim size: 8.5″ x 11″
Live area: 46p9 x 60p (7.79″ x 10″)
2-column width: 22p11 (3.82″)
3-column width: 14p11 (2.48″)
A sample layout for the ad sizes below is available as a PDF file.
Layout sizes for advertisements:

Ad Size PicasInchesCentimeters
Full page 46p9 x 60p 7.79 x 10 19.79 x 25.4
Full back page, 1/8" bleed 3 sides 52p6 x 51p9 8.75 x 8.62522.225 x 21.91
2/3 page horizontal 46p9 x 40p 7.79 x 6.6619.79 x 16.93
1/2 page horizontal 46p9 x 29p3 7.79 x 4.875 19.79 x 12.3825
1/2 page vertical 22p11 x60p 3.82 x 10 9.7 x 25.4
1/3 page vertical 14p11 x 60p 2.48 x 10 6.31 x 25.4
1/4 page vertical 22p11 x 29p3 3.82 x 4.875 9.7 x 12.3825
Single page, 1/8" bleed all sides 52p6 x 67p68.75 x 11.2522.225 x 28.575
Spread, 1/8" bleed all sides 105p x 67p617.5 x 11.2544.45 x 28.575
Spread, gutter bleed only 98p1 x 60p 16.35 x 10 41.52 x 25.4

General Information

  1. Publisher’s copy protective clause: Advertisers and their agencies assume liability for all content of advertisements printed and assume responsibility for any claims which may arise from advertising. The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising. The publisher is not liable for errors in key numbers or Advertisers’ Index.
  2. Publisher may mark as advertising any advertisement that resembles editorial matter.
  3. Short rates and rebates: Advertisers that do not use within a year’s period the amount of space on which their billing rate is based will be short-rated. Advertisers that within a year’s period use enough additional space to earn a rate lower than their billing rate will be rebated.
  4. Rate protective clause: Should rate changes be required, notification will be given advertisers. Those who wish to cancel contracts when the new rates become effective will not be short-rated provided the contract rate is being earned at the time of cancellation.
  5. Payment: The balance is due on receipt of the publication.