“Dear God, Can We Talk?”

For most of the summer we watched an oil well gush in the depths of the Gulf of Mexico. A disaster in slow motion, every day for weeks it took its toll on wildlife, recreation, and livelihoods around the gulf. On top of the oil spill, we poured … [continue]

Mixed Messages

The name of this journal suggests that there is a strong connection between faith and form, that the environments we create for religious purposes — the art and the architecture of where we meet to worship or to celebrate our belief — always reflect … [continue]

No Minarets, Please, We’re Swiss

The 21st century’s first decade, a span of ten years marked with rising religious fundamentalism, intolerance, and sectarian violence around the world, closed with a new ban on minarets in Switzerland. Huh? That’s right. At the end of November … [continue]

Here Come the “Nones”

Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, recently released its third “American Religious Identification Survey,” which seeks to determine whether respondents regard themselves as adherents of a religious community (download a copy of the survey’s … [continue]