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Mosque: Cube and Circle

The Cube at the center of the Grand Mosque.

Islam’s arc of belief as reflected in its houses of worship worldwide The patriarch of the Jews, the exemplar to Christians, and prophet of Islam is asked to repair The Cube (Al-Ka’ba): “… and we commanded Abraham and Ishmael: Purify My House (the Ka’ba) … [continue]

The Symbolic Potential of the Transnational Mosque

Editor’s note: This excerpt is from The Transnational Mosque: Architecture and Historical Memory in the Contemporary Middle East by Kishwar Rizvi, copyright 2015 by the University of North Carolina Press, used by the permission of the publisher … [continue]

‘The Mosque Above The Shop’

Al-Mustapha Islamic Centre and Mosque

The making of new sacred space in Ireland “Isn’t it characteristic of religion to produce distinctive, emotionally charged places—sacred places? Yes, it is. But only one kind of religion, albeit one that most of humankind embraces.” Yu-Fu Tuan, Religion: … [continue]

Paradise Present

The imagined and manifested images of Paradise in Islam The aspiration of paradise was embedded in the daily consciousness and imagination of Muslims through their prayer, scripture, and invocations to God. The brilliance of paradise described in the Qur’an … [continue]

A Reflection on ‘Care for Our Common Home’

Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square

“A sober look at our world shows that the degree of human intervention, often in the service of business interests and consumerism, is actually making our earth less rich and beautiful, ever more limited and grey, even as technological advances and consumer … [continue]

Malleable Mosques

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque

As a 24-year-old student of Physics I am fascinated with how the elements of the physical world can potentially enthrall us. As a photographer for the past five years, I am drawn to document the material places that capture culture in creative ways. In my … [continue]

A Dialogue on Sacred Space

Al-Hidaya Center and Mosque, Latham, New York

Editor’s Note: The Tenth Anniversary Celebration of the Muslim-Roman Catholic Dialogue in the Capital District of New York took place on June 2, 2015 at the new Al-Hidaya Center and Mosque, Latham, New York, designed by Reza Hourmanesh. The event was called … [continue]

Finding the Funding to Bring Renderings to Life

Robert Evans

Creative architectural renderings for houses of worship tend to excite my visual imagination. I am particularly interested in how architects tackle the challenge of renovating and repurposing an existing space for contemporary uses. Renderings frame … [continue]

A Sterling Restoration

Cleared of display cases, desks, and card catalogues, the now-empty nave at dusk is especially lovely, even welcoming. The lighting is now pronounced, revealing especially the stained American oak coffered ceiling and the re-discovered colors of the ceiling in the ‘crossing.’

The term “sacred-secular” refers to environments that convey a sense of spirituality for purposes that are otherwise not connected to an organized religion or recognized faith tradition. For example, over the past half-century modern art museums have often … [continue]

From Crystal to Christ

The baldachin is a horizontal ‘canopy’ that floats about 30 feet above the altar. A large carved crucifix hangs from the open center of the structure.

An epic transformation of the historic Crystal Cathedral to a new cathedral for Catholic worship Renderings by Shimahara courtesy Johnson Fain and Rios Clementi Hale Studios In the late summer of 2013, our Los Angeles-based firms, Johnson … [continue]