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For every issue we publish, Faith & Form features one article here on our website. As each new issue is distributed, our home page is updated with the latest featured article. Previously posted articles will remain on the website and will be accessible from this page. Our online article archive goes back to 2006.

Photographing the Sacred Feminine

An Interview with Cindy Pavlinac of Sacred Land Photography Photographer Cindy Pavlinac has captured glimpses of the sacred feminine in her work as she has traveled the world. I sat down with Pavlinac to talk about her photos, her inspiration, and how her … [continue]

A Temple Reborn

The Komyo-ji Temple is a reconstruction of a Pure Land temple (Pure Land is a dominant form of Buddhism) dating from the Edo period (1606-1867). Its site is on the eastern side of Saijo City in Ehime Prefecture. A small city on the Inland Sea, blessed with a … [continue]

A New Journey: The Stations of the Cross for Our Time

Hanging on the wall of my painting studio in New York is a newspaper clipping of a hooded man, his arms outstretched, standing on a box in almost a pose of crucifixion. Wires run from his hands and from beneath the rough robe covering his body. Next to this … [continue]