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For every issue we publish, Faith & Form features one article here on our website. As each new issue is distributed, our home page is updated with the latest featured article. Previously posted articles will remain on the website and will be accessible from this page. Our online article archive goes back to 2006.

‘Rested Bodies and Stirred Spirits’

Windows at Christ’s Peace House

The design of retreat centers can help or hinder the experience, an experienced retreatant reflects. It was late into the long, summer afternoon. Sunlight slanted across the meadow from a sky the color of faded blue jeans. I sat on sun-warmed grass, my … [continue]

Room for Reflection

Gilchrist Hospice Care is Maryland’s largest hospice organization, serving thousands of families annually through its in-patient facilities and at-home hospice care services. Additionally, Gilchrist provides support services for patients’ families during and … [continue]

A Different Kind of Place

Welcome center at the Zen Mountain Monastery.

A retreat is a time, and a place. A religious retreat is a withdrawal from daily life for the purpose of approaching a more meaningful existence. It is a temporary respite from clamor and chaos in exchange for peace and simplicity. It is a separation for … [continue]

2018 International Awards Program for Religious Art & Architecture

Note: you can use your left and right arrow keys to navigate this slideshow. A total of 127 Submissions to the awards program this year represented an increase of about 7 percent over the number of last year’s entrants—good news indeed. One thing that … [continue]

Sacred and Civic Synergy

Neighborhood House entry connector

Christ Church’s dramatic transformation of its Neighborhood House into a community asset The transformation of Christ Church’s Neighborhood House in the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia powerfully exemplifies the aims of the Sacred Places/Civic Spaces … [continue]

Creating Connections Between Arts and Faith Communities

Brian Sanders JUNK dancers

In cities and towns throughout the country, many shrinking congregations have room to spare, while artists are looking for affordable places in which to create. Why not bring them together for mutual benefit? How do congregations with space they are not fully … [continue]

Community, Space, and Time in Islamic Architecture

Selimiye Mosque

In all the aspects, cultures, and geographies of the Islamic world, one will often hear the term “ummah” in conversation. It is heard in conversations between friends and families. It is heard from the minbar of the mosque at the Friday prayer; heard in … [continue]

Soulful and Social

The Golden Summit by Thomas Barrie AIA

The shifting borders between sacred place and secular space This issue’s theme is an exploration of the connections, overlaps, and opportunities between sacred places and the communities in which they live. Such an appraisal demands that we examine how we … [continue]

Sacred Places in Transition

Wharton Wesley United Methodist Church

Philadelphia’s religious building stock is in transition, due in large part to the declining memberships and resources of many congregations, which echoes the situation in cities and towns across the country. The moment a building is sold by a congregation or … [continue]

‘Can you help us find money to take care of our building?’

Broad Bay Church

For over 25 years, senior staff at Partners for Sacred Places have been fielding the question in this article’s headline from congregations across the US, showing varying degrees of experience or capacity for stewardship of their buildings—from strategically … [continue]