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For every issue we publish, Faith & Form features one article here on our website. As each new issue is distributed, our home page is updated with the latest featured article. Previously posted articles will remain on the website and will be accessible from this page. Our online article archive goes back to 2006.

Ceramics’ Sacred Power

Decorative tiles by Henry Chapman Mercer in St. James Episcopal Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, circa 1916.

Like many historic sacred places around the world, the sanctuary of St. James Episcopal Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, inspires awe in visitors upon stepping inside and being surrounded by its soft lighting, warm earthy brick walls, luminous stained glass, … [continue]

Stained Glass with a Solar Future

‘Lux Gloria’ windows at the Cathedral of the Holy Family

Stained-glass artist Sarah Hall talks about the next generation of an ancient sacred material. Kathy Kranias: Can you share your thoughts on stained glass innovations of the past 40 years? Sarah Hall: The entire past century has seen incredible … [continue]

Shared Universe, Sacred Story

Cosmic-colored light in St. Gabriel’s Church

How materials pave the way for sustainable sacred space. Despite the many advances in design technology, from orthographic representation to BIM software, the creation of space is still the act of a maker selecting and organizing materials. And while … [continue]

2017 International Awards Program for Religious Art & Architecture

A total of 27 projects representing the best in religious art and architecture were selected from a field of approximately 120 submissions. This year saw nine submissions in the category of “Adaptive Re-Use/Re-Purpose,” which was instituted two years ago to … [continue]

What are the TOP 5?

Le Corbusier’s chapel Notre Dame du Haut at Ronchamp

The results are in, and we have the winners! Or at least we have some idea of what the most popular works or sacred art and architecture are. A few months ago, in preparation of the journal’s 50th anniversary issue, we invited our followers to vote on their … [continue]

Looking Back, Looking Forward

50 Years of History “Faith & Form, journal of The Guild for Religious Architecture, represents the collaborative efforts of architects, clergy, artists, craftsmen – of all faiths – to develop a forum wherein the inter-relationships of theology, … [continue]

A God’s-Eye-View of Sacred Space

Wayfarers Chapel; Rancho Palos Verdes, California; Lloyd Wright.

Photographer Thomas R. Schiff got interested in panoramic photography about 25 years ago, and has produced amazing images of architecture, documented through books and exhibits. His first impulse was to capture iconic works of architecture throughout the U.S. … [continue]

The Role of Religious Art Over 50 Years: An Assessment

In the immediate aftermath of World War II, the Dominican fathers Marie-Alain Couturier and Pie-Raymond Régamey embarked on a pioneering work to eradicate from sacred art – signifying nothing more than simply the preponderance of “art in churches” – all that … [continue]

An Architecture of Pardon and Consolation

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, Hiawatha, Iowa (2010)

Embodying the meaning of Pope Francis’s recent “Year of Mercy” in the language of brick and mortar. At the outset of 2016, as part of a comprehensive plan to revive and reform the Church for which he serves as universal leader, Pope Francis declared the Roman … [continue]


New wing to the left balances against walls of the original church and new sanctuary constructed within them.

For more than a century, the stonewalls of the Westport Presbyterian Church loomed large over Westport Road, the main thoroughfare in one of Kansas City, Missouri’s oldest and most historic neighborhoods. The crenelated parapets and rough-cut stone of the … [continue]