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Healing Gardens as Transformative Spaces

Often I am asked, “What makes a healing garden healing?” The answer is: any garden is healing and research proves it to be so. It has been my experience, however, that deep transformative experiences can be facilitated in gardens designed specifically for … [continue]

The Un-Cloister

A neighborhood church opens itself up to its neighborhood by employing some sensitive landscape design. Cloisters have a long history in religious architecture, places closed to the outside world, places of seclusion. And so, when Unity Church-Unitarian … [continue]

The Sacred Language of Trees

We can learn much from the beauty of trees, their infinite variety, their inspiration, their emotional significance, their spiritual heritage and symbolism, the psychology they engender and their sheer independence. There are many ways in which trees … [continue]

Bankston Green

Landscape architecture creates a respite on the campus of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. The Bankston Green project at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas, completely renovates the front yard of the original church … [continue]

2015 International Awards Program for Religious Art & Architecture

This year’s awards program was a landmark for the fact that 33 projects were selected for their outstanding quality—an unprecedented number. The sheer quantity of award-winning projects speaks to the overall quality of the submissions this year—nearly 130 … [continue]

Why a Mosque?

Anthony Papa

Using the building type as a pedagogical design education tool. The University of Hartford’s Master of Architecture program, accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) is required to demonstrate that each graduate possesses the … [continue]

Mosque: Cube and Circle

The Cube at the center of the Grand Mosque.

Islam’s arc of belief as reflected in its houses of worship worldwide The patriarch of the Jews, the exemplar to Christians, and prophet of Islam is asked to repair The Cube (Al-Ka’ba): “… and we commanded Abraham and Ishmael: Purify My House (the Ka’ba) … [continue]

The Symbolic Potential of the Transnational Mosque

Editor’s note: This excerpt is from The Transnational Mosque: Architecture and Historical Memory in the Contemporary Middle East by Kishwar Rizvi, copyright 2015 by the University of North Carolina Press, used by the permission of the publisher … [continue]

‘The Mosque Above The Shop’

Al-Mustapha Islamic Centre and Mosque

The making of new sacred space in Ireland “Isn’t it characteristic of religion to produce distinctive, emotionally charged places—sacred places? Yes, it is. But only one kind of religion, albeit one that most of humankind embraces.” Yu-Fu Tuan, Religion: … [continue]

Paradise Present

The imagined and manifested images of Paradise in Islam The aspiration of paradise was embedded in the daily consciousness and imagination of Muslims through their prayer, scripture, and invocations to God. The brilliance of paradise described in the Qur’an … [continue]