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For every issue we publish, Faith & Form features one article here on our website. As each new issue is distributed, our home page is updated with the latest featured article. Previously posted articles will remain on the website and will be accessible from this page. Our online article archive goes back to 2006.

Of Sounds And Silence

Anechoic Chamber

What is the experience of attending church in the modern era? How has it changed from our childhoods and those of our family a number of generations removed? What is it that earlier people experienced, what do we experience, and what is the experience of … [continue]

Revealing The Acoustic Mysteries Of Byzantine Churches

View into dome of the Church of the Savior

Those who attend musical performances at the world’s greatest concert halls are quick to laud the otherworldly sound of orchestras and virtuoso artists. Assisted by the acoustic properties of the concert hall, a performer can transport the listener from the … [continue]

‘We Are Sound Beings’

Exploring the acoustic mysteries of sacred space and sacred sound As the species Homo sapiens we have a fundamental need for the sacred. In the Paleolithic we chose the most resonant places in caves to paint animals and shaman figures. Acoustic archeologists … [continue]

Enhancing Contemporary Acapella and Sacred Harp Worship

Acapella singers

This article explores a series of spiritual ritualistic experiments to “sacred harp” forms of worship within the Church of Christ in the Intermountain West region. It is primarily focused on youth and college groups and the heightened awareness of acoustics in … [continue]

The Voice of Abraham’s House

The Abrahamic God — worshiped by Jews, Christians, and Muslims—is often called the “invisible” God. When compared to others worshiped during the inception of Judaic monotheism, the Abrahamic God is devoid of a visual presence or image. Abram is introduced to … [continue]

Churches for Change: New England Meetinghouses as Sacred/Secular Prototypes

New England’s meetinghouse churches constitute a diverse and distinctly American architecture of community and change. Born in turbulent times, these churches resonate powerfully with contemporary discussions of multi-faith and sacred/secular models. The Old … [continue]

Making A New Inner‑city Church

Redeemer Presbyterian Church is unique is several ways. It is the first new church to be built in Manhattan in over 20 years, and it involved the adaptive re-use of a 1910 parking garage. This new church built in the midst of a dense city and expensive real … [continue]

Evolving Stained Glass

Trends in religious architecture have made a significant shift away from the aesthetics we associate with the sanctuaries of the 19th and 20th centuries. Many new houses of worship are foregoing ornate design and traditional liturgical architecture. This shift … [continue]

Flesh and Form

Light and the Sacred at the Chapel Notre-Dame-du-Haut In the 20th century, theologians and philosophers observed a notable decline in the sacredness of religious art running parallel to science’s increasing mechanization of vision. Mircea Eliade writes, … [continue]

Searching for New Sacred Space

A design studio explores the changing definition of what makes a place sacred. Over the past few decades, particularly in the West, the concept of sacred space as a setting for the rituals of organized religion has been changing, some might even say … [continue]