To Friends and Family

Volume 52, Issue 4

As you’ve read in Michael J. Crosbie’s “Editor’s Page” (page 4), this will be Faith & Form’s last issue as a stand-alone publication. When we on Faith & Form’s Board of Directors sat down to write this letter to our faithful readers and friends—many of whom have been with us for decades—we are a little sad, but mostly hopeful. When anything changes significantly, it is often difficult to look beyond what needs to be done immediately—and the future seems like it is only tomorrow—not months or years in the distance.

Our list of those to thank is truly endless. First and foremost, we could not have made it to our 50th anniversary and beyond without the steadfast and sure guidance of our editor, Michael. He has kept Faith & Form alive—sharing his joy and knowledge of architecture while highlighting the beauty that abounds in religious spaces. Michael enabled us to see and read about countless projects—from small chapels to grand cathedrals. To Michael, we humbly say, thank you.

Faith & Form benefitted from visionary leaders—Betty Meyer and Douglas Hoffman deserve special recognition. While Betty has left us in this life, her early papers and writings are in the archives at the Yale Divinity School. Doug, with the help of Richard Hobbs at the American Institute of Architects, infused Faith & Form with an entrepreneurial spirit that broadened our subscription base. Key board members also helped guide us with their creativity and dedication, including Jim Graham, Sr. (whom we lost earlier this year) and Michael Berkowicz. Thank you—Betty, Doug, Richard, Jim, and Michael—for taking a chance on this magazine and guiding us through the mazes of time.

During the past 30-plus years, Faith & Form also benefitted greatly from our partnership with The Duke Endowment. Albert Fisher, Joseph Mann and Robb Webb helped guide Faith & Form through endless hours of board service, and Trena McClure shepherded our magazine finances for more than a decade. The Endowment also hosted our annual awards jury sessions for more than 15 years. Thank you to Al, Joe, Robb, and Trena for always extending your hospitality welcoming us.

This letter is also a time for introductions. Bob Jaeger and the staff at Partners for Sacred Places are excited and eager to begin a new publishing venture. As we work together to create a new magazine, we hope that all our readers and friends will extend a greeting to them as we proceed down this exciting path.

Robert Frost wrote of the path less taken. We know now that he was alluding to multiple paths—no right path, no wrong path, just different paths. What we take from this is that Faith & Form’s history is rich with rebirth and reinvention and the path we’re choosing today is simply one that we haven’t chosen before. Our Faith & Form family has been down many roads together over the past 50-plus years—and we look forward to seeing just where this new road will take us.

With love and gratitude.