The Sacred and the Mundane

Modernism’s Gold Egg?

What a paradox has landed on our doorstep! At the very time the Catholic Church is closing dozens of historic churches, and Modernist churches are just turning 50 (and eligible for landmark status), an important new study indicates that Millennials … Read

The Five E’s of Sustainability

We recently broke ground for a new campus focal point at Holmes Presbyterian Camp and Conference Center, situated on more than 500 wilderness acres in upstate New York. This complex of buildings and infrastructure—referred to as Agape, after the … Read

Hear No Evil

There is a potent takeaway message embedded within the recent multi-billion-dollar valuation of Beats, a popular music streaming application that incorporates “ultra-high quality” headphones: People are concerned about the quality of what they listen … Read

Why Professionals Matter

A recent article in the New York Times ascribes the following statement to owners of a newly constructed home: “Next time [we] will forego general contractors, architects, and real estate agents, which added another $18,000 at the … Read

Mind Your Assets

Religious buildings have a wealth of attributes that congregations can adapt and benefit from. There is a stealth transition underway, leaving in its wake the abandonment of a great many of our nation’s traditional religious buildings. Reasons range … Read

The Lexicon of Planning Ahead

Beyond death (and taxes) there are abundant good reasons to plan. Yet, we human beings are not naturally predisposed to planning. The economic benefits of planning ahead ought to be sufficient; however, coupled with staving off many emergencies, … Read


Letting Windows and Walls Do the Jobs They Are Supposed to Do In 15 BCE, Vitruvius encouraged us to build well and to incorporate utilitas, firmitas, and venustas. Sixteen hundred and forty years later, Sir Henry Wotton reinforced this ancient … Read


The surge has receded from Super Storm Sandy. As we assess the damage to our religious buildings, our most valued tools may be patience, prudence, and providence. Patience: How to not over-react In our zeal to get “back to normal” it is easy to … Read